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Women’s Cricket | The history of women’s cricket is very old, the first match recorded in the record of 250 years old women’s cricket was played this year, know interesting things related to women’s cricket


Mar 4, 2023


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The first season of the Women’s Premier League (WPL 2023) organized by the BCCI has started on Saturday, March 4. Total 5 teams are participating in this league season. It is said that the history of women’s cricket is very old.

Talking about the recent years, after Australia and Caribbean countries, now India has also started Women’s League. And, women’s cricket has also become very popular in the last almost 20 years. It is said that but the history of women’s cricket is 250 years old. According to reports, the first women’s cricket match was played in the year 1745. The match was the first recorded match, which took place on 26 July 1745. Bramley vs Hambledon was played between the Playing 11.

Interestingly about women’s cricket, the first women’s cricket club was formed in Yorkshire in 1887. And, the foundation of the Women’s Cricket League was laid in the year 1894 in Australia and the ‘International Women’s Cricket Council’ came into existence in the year 1958, which merged into the IWCC (International Women’s Cricket Council) in the year 2005.

Talking about Women’s International Cricket, the first women’s Test match took place in the year 1934 between Australia vs England. In the same year, New Zealand also formed its own women’s cricket team. In 2007, the Netherlands became the 10th country to play women’s international cricket. Remind you that Women’s ODI Cricket started in the year 1973.

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World Cup events also started taking place regarding Women’s Cricket. The first ICC Women’s T20 World Cup was played in the year 2009, which has become very popular now. Australia won the title in this year’s latest ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, 2023.





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