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    The corporation had issued a complaint number for cleaning: there is no trust in the corporation, so even after the trouble, complaints are coming down on the helpline


    Oct 1, 2022

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    Garbage was lying in Ward 22 from morning till evening, no lifting

    The Municipal Corporation tries new experiments to improve the cleanliness system, but the trust of the people is being broken. This is the reason that even after the trouble, complaints related to the problem are coming less on the mobile number of the corporation. The biggest reason for this is that even after complaining, it is not resolved on time. As a result, people started complaining number once in April and felt that a solution would be given if asked here.

    In this, so far 374 out of 415 complaints have been diagnosed, in the rest nothing has happened. In the first month of April, 52 in April, 138 in May, 97 in June, 51 in July, 54 in August and September 15 so far, a list of 23 complaints has been prepared in the corporation. That is, within six months, only once in May, complaints crossed a century.

    Such complaints are coming: A person from Ward 20 complained about pipe leaking in Kharmanchak on Thursday. He said that water is being wasted due to this, it is not reaching the homes of the coming people. At the same time, there was a complaint of wastage of water due to leakage near the blind school located in Ward 36.

    Similarly, complaints of cleanliness and street light malfunctions were received near Haldhar Jha Lane Durga Mandir. On Friday, a complaint was made from Rai Bari Lane of Ward 22 for not picking up garbage from morning till evening, apart from this some complaints related to cleanliness came. Corporation’s Office Superintendent Mr. Rehan Ahmed said that the complaints have been received, they are being resolved.

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