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    Eliza report confirms positive: more than 100 dengue patients have been treated, but zero in government report


    Oct 1, 2022

    Bhagalpur15 minutes ago

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    Dengue patients are being found continuously in the city. So far, more than 100 dengue patients have been treated in government hospitals and private nursing homes. But according to the government report sent to the state headquarters, not a single dengue patient has been found in the district so far this season.

    That is, in the eyes of the government, Bhagalpur is still a dengue free district. Actually, the Health Department is treating someone as a dengue patient only when the Eliza report comes positive. The facility of this test is available only in the lab of the Department of Microbiology in the Medical College.

    But its machine is bad since 4 months. When the symptoms of dengue are seen, the test is done with the NS-1 kit, when the report comes positive, dengue medicine is given.

    Due to machine failure, samples of ELISA test are not being sent from any government hospital to medical college to confirm dengue. Private hospitals do not even send their patients to medical colleges for this test. Three dengue patients are admitted in Mayaganj hospital.

    City’s only eliza test machine is defective in medical college

    Medicine is given when the test comes positive from NS-1 kit
    Dr. Sandeep Lal, HOD of Forensic Medicine, Medical College, has treated more than 10 dengue patients this season at his clinic located at Tilkamanjhi Hanuman Nagar Road. Of these, there were patients from Ghogho, Rajoun, Navgachia, Bihpur and urban areas. A patient from Bihpur area had fallen ill in Delhi. Got treated here. About 11 patients who came from Godda, Dumka, Deoghar and other districts were admitted to NS-1 positive in the unit of Dr Hemshankar Sharma, Associate Professor of Medicine Department at Mayaganj Hospital. But no one got the Eliza test.

    Many patients also came to his private clinic Tilkamanjhi Hatia Road. On Thursday, three patients of Dengue NS-1 positive have been admitted in the unit of Associate Prof. Dr. Rajkamal Chaudhary of the same department. This time 5 dengue patients came to Dr. DP Singh’s clinic located at Patal Babu Road. Physician Dr. Vinay Jha also treated 4 patients. In Tilkamanjhi Hatia Road, 7 positive patients have come to Dr. Amit Anand’s place within 20 days.

    Premanand Swami, a technician posted in the pathology of Sadar Hospital, himself turned positive, although now he is working fine. 6 people, including the sister-in-law, nephew of a municipal employee living in Budhanath RK Lane, were dengue positive. Corporation worker Devendra Verma said that four more patients are dengue positive in our locality.

    Principal said, will fix Eliza test machine immediately
    Dr. Amit Kumar of the Department of Microbiology, Medical College Hospital, said that the Eliza test machine had failed four months ago. The principal was informed three days ago. Principal Dr. Umashankar Singh said that the machine will be repaired immediately.

    Expert View
    NS-1 positive should be treated as dengue. Eliza test is done to confirm. It is not that NS-1 will not be considered positive. In 7 days, six dengue positives have also been found in my investigation.
    Dr. Ravikant Mishra, Former HOD, Pathology, Dept.

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