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    Incident of theft: Theft happened again in two houses in Bhidha village


    Oct 1, 2022

    Suryagarha37 minutes ago

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    Concerned family members after theft.

    • Criminal fearless: theft in 6 houses of the same village in two nights, fear prevails among people

    People have been horrified by the incident of theft in 6 houses including 5 houses and 1 shop in two days in Bhidha village under Mednichowki police station area. At around 2 pm on Thursday, the thieves entered the house by climbing the wall in two houses. In this incident, jewelery worth more than 1 lakh has been stolen. Two gold chains, two earrings, a mangalsutra, silver anklets, bracelets and 45 thousand cash have been stolen from the house of Subodh Mahato, a resident of Bhidha village. On the other hand, two pairs of silver anklets and kanbali have been stolen from Lukho Mandal’s house. Different houses of the same village are being targeted continuously by thieves and due to lack of police action, the morale of the thieves has increased. In Mednichowki police station area, people are frightened by the terror of thieves and are guarding their house by staying awake at night. Let us inform that even on late Wednesday night, thieves stole silver coins and other items including 11 thousand cash from the shop of Mukesh Pilot, resident of Bhidha, while 11 thousand cash from the house of Baldev Mandal, one and a half full gold, 20 full silver jewellery, At the same time, 20 full silver jewelery in which anklets and hand bracelets were present from Dilip Mandal’s house. Apart from this, thieves targeted the vacant house of Vakil Mandal and robbed their house but could not succeed in stealing as the owner of the house was outside.

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