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    Murdered for not giving sand challan: 5 days later the main accused RJD MLA representative surrendered


    Oct 1, 2022

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    Vaiju Yadav, the main accused in the murder, was hanging on his shoulder.

    Vaiju Yadav, the main accused who shot dead Vikas Kumar, the data operator of Eklavya Company on Sunday, and one of his associates surrendered in the Gaya court on Friday evening. His companions were absconding for the past 5 days. At the same time, another accused involved in the police murder has been arrested from Kolkata. The special thing is that at the time he was surrendering in the court. At that time there was not even a wrinkle on his face. Due to non-arrest of Vaiju Yadav for the last five days, the matter started taking a political colour. The movement of a large number of people and leaders had started in the village of the slain Vikas Kumar. Vikas Kumar’s mistake was so much that he refused to pay sand challan to Vaiju Yadav at the behest of Eklavya Company.

    Vikas’s mother Ranju Devi had lodged a case of murder against Vaiju Yadav, Kandho Yadav and Gore Yadav at Atri police station. In this regard, SHO Diwakar Vishwakarma told that Vaiju Yadav and Kandho Yadav, who killed Vikas Kumar, have surrendered in the Gaya court. Another of his associates, Gore Yadav, have been arrested by the police from Kolkata and brought to the police station. He is under interrogation. He told that the police will take remand of Vaiju Yadav and Kandho Yadav from the court. He said that he will also be arrested if the names of other accused come out in the investigation.

    A criminal made on the behest of an inspector

    Vaiju Yadav, the main accused in the murder, had entered the sand business three years ago. At that time, when he got the support of Prashant Kumar, SHO of Atri police station, he got involved in illegal sand business day and night. Meanwhile, posting of Jitendra Singh Daroga took place at Atri police station. When he started running a vigorous campaign against the sand mafia, the business of Vaishu started facing problems. Meanwhile, Jitendra Singh appealed to the SHO to take a tough stand against the sand mafia.

    During this, one day the tractor laden with sand was caught. On getting information about this, Vaiju came with his companions and attacked Jitendra Singh and injured him. On this, Jitendra Singh filed a complaint against Vaiju Yadav in the police station, then the station chief kept him suppressed. But when this matter started getting highlighted, the senior officers had to come forward and then the case was registered. Not only this, Jitendra Singh had also expressed the apprehension that the SHO might even meet the sand mafia and get him killed.

    This matter was also investigated by the senior officers, but the investigation is still lying in cold storage. Neither action was taken against the SHO at that time nor was Vaiju Yadav arrested. As a result Vaiju Yadav grew up in spirit and one day he killed an innocent.

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