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    Supreme Court Hearing on Demonetisation case will start from today 5-judge bench constituted


    Sep 28, 2022
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    Supreme Court Of India


    • While filing this case, the petitioner had given many arguments in the Supreme Court.
    • The bench of the then Chief Justice TS Thakur framed 9 questions.
    • Modi government did demonetisation in 2016

    Supreme Court Hearing in Demonetisation: The Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court will now hear its validity after 6 years of demonetisation. For hearing Justice S. A bench of 5 judges has been constituted under the chairmanship of Abdul Nazeer. Today the bench can fix the date of hearing of the matter. The matter was referred to the Constitution Bench on December 16, 2016, but the Bench had not yet been constituted. Now that the bench has been constituted, it is expected that the hearing in this matter will also be completed soon.

    Know what is the case

    Let us tell you that the Modi government did demonetisation in 2016, after which many petitions were filed in the courts across the country regarding this. At that time, the Supreme Court had stayed the hearing of all pending demonetisation cases in courts across the country and sent them to a 5-judge bench. The bench of the then Chief Justice TS Thakur had framed 9 questions which were referred for hearing before a five-judge bench.

    Petition filed on many arguments

    While filing this case, the petitioner had given many arguments in the Supreme Court. The petitioner said that the Modi government has given permission to withdraw 24 thousand rupees every week by issuing a notification, but in reality the notes cannot be withdrawn because there is a huge shortage of notes. The petitioner made several other points. The Supreme Court had said that this matter is related to the common man and in such a situation, the matter is referred to a larger bench.

    Those 9 questions of the Supreme Court on which to be heard

    Is demonetisation a violation of Article 300 (A) of the Constitution i.e. Right to Property?

    Is the November 8 demonetisation notification and subsequent notification unconstitutional?
    Is there a ban on depositing old notes and withdrawing new notes in District Co-operative Banks?
    Is it a violation of people’s rights to set withdrawal limits in banks and ATMs?
    Is the decision of demonetisation a decision beyond authority under Section-26(2) of RBI?
    Can the Supreme Court intervene in the application against the government’s economic policy?
    Was the decision of demonetisation implemented without preparation? There was no arrangement for currency and there was no arrangement to deliver cash to the people?
    Is demonetisation a violation of fundamental rights? For example, is there a violation of Article 14 i.e. Right to Equality and Article 19 i.e. Right to Freedom of the Constitution?





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