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Shrikant Tyagi Tyagi community s protest started outside Grand Omaxe in Noida heated atmosphere. Tyagi Samaj’s sit-in started outside Grand Omaxe in Noida, heated atmosphere


Sep 28, 2022


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  • Farmer leaders with their supporters are protesting at the gate of the society
  • tension in society
  • Protesting in Meerut for the last one and a half months

Shrikant Tyagi: The controversy that started over the planting and uprooting of trees in Grand Omaxe Society of Noida is not taking its name to stop. On Tuesday, Srikanth’s wife Anu Tyagi had asked for the re-planting of trees in the society’s park, after which there was an atmosphere of tension in the society. Noida Authority officials and police have given 48 hours time to remove all the trees in the common area of ​​the society, after that late in the evening, farmer leader Mangeram Tyagi along with his supporters reached the gate of Grand Omaxe Society and sat on a dharna. Huh.

Tyagi Samaj’s picket continues

The strike continues on Wednesday morning as well. Giving information, Mangeram Tyagi said that he has been sitting in Meerut for the last one and a half months. He was given 24 hours by the Noida Authority officials on Monday and said that within 24 hours the trees which have been removed by the people of the society will be planted. After the trees were not planted, on Tuesday, he had asked for trees to be planted there. After this the people of the society created a ruckus. Mangeram Tyagi said, “The authority has given 48 hours to remove the trees. We are sitting here because no tree will be removed.”

Plants were being planted again

On the previous day, in the Grand Omaxe Society in Sector 93 B of Noida, once again in front of the house of Shrikant Tyagi, he is planting saplings again. The people of Grand Omaxe Society allege that the Noida Authority has provided plants and trees. But the OSD of Noida Authority has refused to provide the trees.

Let us tell you that on Monday, many people of Tyagi society staged a sit-in outside the Grand Omaxe Society and gave a 24-hour ultimatum to the Noida Authority that the house which has been vandalized is in the name of Anu Tyagi and not Shrikant. In the name of Tyagi, whatever plants and trees have been uprooted here. Put them back. Otherwise, there will be a sit-in demonstration outside the Noida Authority for an indefinite period.



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