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    PCB | PCB chief approves Rs 10 lakh for treatment of Saqlain’s knee


    Sep 25, 2022

    Karachi: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) President Rameez Raja has sanctioned Rs 10 lakh for the treatment of national team head coach Saqlain Mushtaq’s knee. According to the news of ‘Daily Jung’ newspaper, Rameez has decided to release this amount immediately. National team doctor Najeeb Somro had requested him to give Rs 10 lakh for the treatment of Saqlain, who has been suffering from knee problem for some time.

    The amount was sought when Pakistan’s team was in the Netherlands for the recent ODI series and Saqlain had to undergo some treatment there. According to the news, Saqlain was appointed as the head coach this week after the completion of the interim term. He had complained of knee pain.

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    A reliable source said, “What is different in this case is the speed shown in releasing the amount for Saqlain’s treatment.” The source said that the PCB usually provides medical facilities to its contracted players and staff but the amount is released only after due process.

    “But Rameez took this case as an exception as Saqlain had been complaining about his knee problem for some time now. The team doctor recommended so the amount was released.” Saqlain, who took a total of 496 international wickets in 49 Tests and 169 ODIs for Pakistan, ended his career with a knee injury. (agency)

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