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    Pastor Quiboloy Dismayed on Sen. Loren Legarda’s Alleged Defense of the CPP-NPA-NDF


    Aug 31, 2022

    World-renowned televangelist and religious leader Pastor Apollo Quiboloy shared his frustrations over the controversial statement released by Senator Loren Legarda that allegedly came into the defense of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

    Pastor Apollo Quiboloy made some headlines again as he shared his sentiments on the latest statement released by Senator Loren Legarda.

    According to Sen. Loren Legarda she would like the Anti-Terror Law to be reviewed as she also noted that she did not recall what law or what pronouncement of government has declared the Communist Party of the Philippines or similar organizations, movements, beliefs, associations, movements, beliefs , associations could be declared as enemies of the state.

    Read the Complete Statement of Sen. Loren Legarda:

    I would like the Anti-Terror Law to be reviewed. I recall, and I hope my vote was recorded correctly, when I was in the House of Representatives at the time of the pandemic, because I did not vote in its favor.”

    “And I do not recall what law or what pronouncement of government has declared the Communist Party of the Philippines or similar organizations, movements, beliefs, associations could be declared as what, enemies of the state?”

    The statement of Senator Loren Legarda caught the attention of netizens and not only ordinary netizens but one of them is an influential religious leader, none other than Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

    Due to the statement released by Sen. Legarda, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy responded by releasing the following statement:

    “The nation has declared the CPP-NPA-NDF as a terrorist organization. To make matters worse, you will have the Anti-Terror Law reviewed. You as a senator will do that? It’s so unbelievable.

    We need to put that on ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not!’ I can’t believe it, I almost fell out of my chair last night.

    So I was very disappointed. I feel so disheartened and disappointed because I look at her as a personal, close friend… and then all of a sudden it surprises us. On the other hand, I’m also happy because I know really where she stands in these political views.”

    Netizens also joined the conversation and the exchange of words between these two leaders as they shared their views on the said scenario.

    Read Some of the Comments Posted Online:

    Nani Diatera: Legarda killed the people of the people, he pretended to be with the government but his heart was in the npa and he felt guilty for the youths who died because they were deceived by the npa to join the npa ndf.

    Marz Ford: OMG the true blood of Legarda is showing. Terrorist is a terrorist ok. There is no justice when it comes to terrorism. You have met many Pinoy Legarda. You are a traitor of the government and the Philippines

    Gilbert Corpuz: That’s why I didn’t vote her … there are 2 or 3 more in the Majority.. Your guess is as good as mine

    George Bonifacio: Madam, for your information the revised ATL have already been submitted a long time ago to the Supreme Court for further review on its legality.

    Bogs Bonhoc: Very disappointing knowing who I voted to be back in the Senate as opposed to the anti-terror law, Senator Legarda, who are you in your heart?

    Jlabs Jlabs: The snake has come out of the unity team. poor AFPs, Joma’s people will surely ambush again because they have found an ally in the senate. a broken senator. why did they still believe in unity..

    Virgie Tabares: The NPA has a senator on my side omg…it’s a shame that I voted for you, what happened to you to be led by another spirit..

    Source: SMNI News


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