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    Netizens Tried to Dissect Leni Robredo’s Ateneo’s Commencement Exercise


    Aug 29, 2022

    Netizens took to social media as they reacted to the latest controversy involving the former Vice President Leni Robredo on her latest speech at the Loyola Schools Ateneo de Manila University commencement exercise.

    Once again according to some netizens on social media, former VP Leni Robredo has produced yet another of her trademark headache-inducing quotable quotes that made the politician from Bicol become popular among the anti-Dilawan crowd to lampoon.

    The statement of netizens came out after a US-based Ilocano vlogger and critic of the former VP found a quote card inspired by Robredo’s commencement exercise speech at the Ateneo de Manila University Loyola campus and posted the quote card on his official social media account.

    According to Jamora he was apparently had nosebleed moments while reading the two particular excerpts of Robredo’s speech can be found below:

    “Believing that going ‘down from the hill’ is part of the process of ‘GOING DOWN. Isn’t that right? The leveling of the hill so that no one has to go up or down.”

    “Huh?! Are you ok, Dr. Leni Robredo.”

    Netizens reacted to the latest post of Edwin Jamora on social media as they bombarded it with comments trying to decipher what Leni Robredo was trying to say and their explanation was hilarious.

    According to one netizen told fellow commenters to shush up because the former Vice President is memorizing the Jack n Jill nursery rhyme.

    “Shh don’t be loud… I think he’s memorizing the Jack and Jill song??”

    Read Some of the Comments on Jamora’s FB Page:

    Rebecca Garcia: What is it????I’m sorry I don’t get what Doc said.

    Jennifer Paez: an insult to the real doctors who burned their eyebrows for several years to get the title “Dr.”, Taz c Leni it’s very easy to attach the word “DR.”…is that how you are disrespectful c Leni ???? maybe next time he will be the scientist..

    Vida Cardona: The devil woman who is the yellow core of sasama is really bullshit!! Robredo, shut up, don’t say anything!! Get lost, RIP

    Fina Martin: that’s how communists talk, right? It’s pure Tagalog, you can’t fathom the depth, but it’s still shallow, you can’t understand the amount and length of the kinuda

    Ranilo Montera: Here I am again, the fool and Bobo, with me, do I still have a plus?? Luuuutttaaannnggg

    Chit Ferrer: I can’t fathom what he wants to convey or convey to people and those like him that he graduated from where he obtained a high level of expertise, he is a genius to all who believe in he…

    Source: Edwin Jamora FB Page


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