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    Will China get a coup in Pakistan now, secrets hidden in Bajwa’s meeting with Chinese Defense Minister


    Sep 19, 2022

    Pakistan-China- India TV Hindi News
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    • Bajwa met Chinese State Counselor and Defense Minister Wei Fanghe
    • Does China want to get a coup in Pakistan?
    • Controversy over the appointment of new army chief going on in Pakistan

    China-Pakistan-Army Chief: Along with the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, does China also want to get a coup in Pakistan, is China also conspiring for this, was the relationship of former Prime Minister Imran Khan more cordial than the current Prime Minister of China? There are many such questions which are floating in the eyes of Pakistan. Amidst the controversy over the coup in Pakistan and the appointment of a new army chief, now the possibility of China’s hand in this has also increased. Does China really want to get a coup in Pakistan?… If not, then why is this discussion happening all of a sudden.

    In fact, there is a controversy in Pakistan these days regarding the appointment of the new Army Chief. Pakistan’s current Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa is said to be close to former PM Imran Khan. His term ends in November. Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has announced the appointment of a new army chief, but Imran Khan has put a halt to it. Along with this, he has had secret meetings with Bajwa several times. Due to this, the possibility of a coup in Pakistan is in discussion.

    Bajwa’s meeting with the Defense Minister of China gave new air

    Chinese State Counselor and Defense Minister Wei Fanghe met Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa in the early morning of 19 September in the city of Xi’an in central China, amid fears of a coup in Pakistan. In this meeting, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fanghe said that China and Pakistan are all strategic cooperation partners. Sino-Pak friendship has been strong under the leadership of the leaders of both the countries. No matter how the world situation changes, China and Pakistan will always be unbreakable reliable friends and brothers. Both sides should enhance their ability to deal with various challenges and join hands to safeguard the common interests of the two countries and regional peace and stability. Many meanings are being drawn from this statement of his. It is being said that China also likes Bajwa. In such a situation, what is to be believed that Bajwa will carry out a coup in Pakistan with the help of China and Imran Khan?

    Pakistan Army Chief also praised China
    Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa praised the great assistance extended by the Chinese President, the Chinese government and the Chinese military to the people of Pakistan during the severe floods in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan sticks to the one-China policy. It is expected that the armies of the two countries will be able to further enhance the level of cooperation in joint exercises and training.

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