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    Why does the brain shrink as soon as you become a father? Revealed in this research on men


    Sep 30, 2022
    Image Source : PEXEL
    Brain Shrinks


    • Its effect is less in men
    • Expertise in every care related to children
    • There are many changes in the mind of the parents.

    Report: Father’s role is considered to be an important role in our society. As the head of the family, there are many responsibilities. As men get married, a responsibility increases. There was a research in this episode, when men become fathers, their brain shrinks. He starts thinking about his family, only his family is visible in front of him. Usually, less changes are seen in the father than in the mother. But as soon as he becomes a father, the man starts wandering. He gets lost in weaving new dreams for his family.

    How did you know that the brain shrinks?

    According to a paper published in Cerebral Cortex, a year before becoming a father and after becoming a father, there was a change in the brain of men. Garcia, associated with this research, tells that a year before and after becoming a father, MRI of the body of men was done. This showed that the father’s brain kept shrinking as he became a child. He told that there is pressure on some part of the brain.

    Change happens like a mother
    The highest pressure falls on the cortex, the back part of the brain. Here information reaches through the retina. And this is where information works to convert into understanding. This change in men deepens the love for children. The change that happens, the change that is found in a woman after becoming a mother, in the same way this change is seen in men, but its effect is less in men.

    Other research says something else
    The same research was done. This research was published in Nature Neuroscience in the year 2017. In this research, it was told that the rate of change was found in men who became fathers for the second time compared to those who became fathers for the first time. Garcia goes on to say that the change was seen quite well. The second time the couple is in better shape than before. This research found that fathers also learn how to care for their children. Changes were seen in many such men which completely lighten the work of women.

    relationships go bad
    We are experts in every care related to children. But a different effect of this is seen after some time. They experience mutual distance for about a year after having children. During this time, distances arise in relationships. Due to which there is no bond between the two as before. In the same last research, it was found that there are many changes in the mind of the parents when the child is born. The research involved 20 American and 20 Spanish men. who was soon to become a father.

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