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    Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh attacks BJP first six months government passed like five years without any work-“Six months of Yogi Sarkar 2.O passed like first five years,” Akhilesh Yadav surrounded BJP like this


    Sep 26, 2022
    Image Source : PTI
    Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav (File Photo)


    • Names of BJP leaders are also coming up in illegal proceedings: Akhilesh
    • “BJP leaders and workers have considered themselves to be the government”
    • “The situation is so bad that now no woman is safe even in the police station”

    Uttar Pradesh: Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav slammed the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh for the first six months of its tenure. He said that six months of the second government also passed without doing any work as the last six years had passed. Yadav said in a statement that six months of the second BJP government in Uttar Pradesh also passed without doing any work as the last five years had passed. He said that the ministers of this government kept battling with allegations and counter allegations, but corruption could not be curbed anywhere. He alleged that in the second BJP government of six months, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself appeared helpless, despite all his strict orders and instructions, crimes have not reduced.

    According to Yadav, not a day goes by when there are no incidents of robbery, murder, kidnapping. Referring to the notoriety of Uttar Pradesh being made across the country in the cases of rape of women and girls, he said that the condition has become so bad that now no woman is safe even in the police station.

    Unable to count five works of government

    The former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh said that the truth is that BJP ministers and MLAs are not in a position to count even five works of their government. Significantly, the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh, which came to power for the second consecutive time in the last assembly elections, completed its six months on Sunday. The SP president alleged that the BJP leaders and workers have mistook themselves for the government while intoxicated with power. Somewhere they are seen threatening the officials, and somewhere the MLAs are seen cursing their own government. The names of BJP leaders are also coming up in illegal proceedings. Instead of taking strict action against them, the government is giving them protection. Such anarchy and collapsed law and order has never been seen before.

    ‘Government has no intention of giving free electricity’

    Yadav alleged that the biggest contribution of BJP rule is corruption and inflation. He said that the Public Works Department and many other departments were openly robbed in the transfers and postings by the BJP government and the results of the investigation were just smudges. He said that tall promises of employment were made but the youth did not get employment. He said that the government had recently accepted in the House that the government has no intention of providing free electricity to the farmers. Yadav said that the promise of providing free electricity at the time of elections to the farmers to take their votes has now been taken as a ‘jumla’ and the same is the case with the Prime Minister’s promise of doubling the farmers’ income.





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