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    Tourism Secretary Frasco’s “Visita Be My Guest” Program Draws Flak Online


    Sep 3, 2022

    Tourism Secretary-designate Christina Frasco made some headlines on social media after Duterte and even Marcos supporters took to social media criticizing her brainchild program “Visita Be My Guest.”

    In a Facebook post, veteran blogger and prominent Duterte supporter Mark Lopez politely asked the Department of Tourism Secretary to drop the name she coined for the program her department will introduce to usher the reopening of Philippine tourism, with more focus in the island of Mindanao.

    The said Tourism program of Secretary Frasco dubbed “Visita Be My Guest” provides monetary incentives to all OFW’s who can invite relatives, friends and tourists to visit the Philippines.

    DOT’s “Visita Be My Guest” which could be translated as “BBM Guest” draws flak from social media influencers and users who criticized the Tourism Secretary for using the name BBM despite the huge victory during the last presidential election.

    Mark Lopez appealed to the Secretary of Tourism, Sec. Christina Frasco to scrap the name and better yet, come up with a much better name for the said program.

    Lopez raised the questions about the program, although he noted that he understands the good Secretary means well but to call it BBM (Visita Be My) Guest is just too much.

    The veteran blogger and radio host argued that since we are talking about tourism, it will definitely have wide international exposure. Therefore, the program should focus more on the country not about BBM and should go beyond BBM’s term and continue working regardless of who is the sitting President.

    Mark Lopez added further with confidence that President Bongbong Marcos would not approve it because it smacks of EPALISM.

    The veteran blogger who supported both former President Rody Duterte and President Bongbong Marcos vocally on social media ended his FB Post by reiterating his appeal to drop the program name and replace it with pronto:

    Read the Complete Statement of Mark Lopez:

    Dear Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco of the Department of Tourism – Philippines…

    Do not! Just please, scrap the name please!!!

    Maybe you mean well and all, but to call your latest tourism campaign as “Visita Be My (BBM) Guest” program is too much!

    Disrespectful Madam Sec, but apart from being very plain speaking and redundant (Visita na, Guest pa), the compulsion to make BBM the acronym of the said toursim campaign is so contrived and too forced.

    We are talking about tourism here, and it will have wide international exposure. It should be about our country, and not about the President, regardless of who is the sitting one at the moment.

    President Bongbong Marcos himself might not like it at first as it smacks of EPALISM.

    Please Madam Sec, discard the program name and replace it immediately.

    For the sake of PBBM and our country

    Netizens who were also supporters of both Duterte and Marcos joined the conversations as they shared their reactions and sentiments regarding the controversial slogan and program of the Department of Tourism.

    Here’s Some of the Comments Posted on FB:

    Lola Angie: I think the Sec of Tour is so excited of everything “BBM BaBangonMuli”, through tourism, nothing wrong with passion and love of tourism “Visitahin Bansang Minamahal”, maybe she can ask school kids, to come up with idea with a price to tour the tourist spot and be the image inviting images and welcoming filipino people of all ages.

    Darryl Yap: anchaka hahahaha, mam is still VP’s aide but sorry. hahaha

    Joshua Javier: “It’s more fun in the Philippines” slogan is more okay with me, it already worked that way but if they think it will really produce good results, then they can proceed; but of course others will think that our government officials are just here to make PBBM happy with them; you can use the BBM acronym again but something more creative

    or allow the Filipino people to make a program and creatively think of a better tourism slogan with initiatives or system reform to boost our tourism in the country

    Mae Theresa: this is how those in government should be criticized because I don’t think we will criticize them.. the change we all seek will not be successful.

    Richard Salocin: WOW Philippines! or It’s More fun in the Philippines is MORE attractive slogan. Make it easy for them (tourist) to remember.

    Tessa Roines: I agree, stop promoting the name, its about the PHILIPPINES now not the Marcoses, the Election is over..!

    Lee Chen: It’s not just the media c PBBM kc He’s not an Apple YOU will make an apple Those who are silent… don’t suck too much and it’s ugly to look at… It’s not bad to put perfume on the president that way sober and honest work LNG let’s help PBBM lift up that town, that’s enough.

    Source: Mark Lopez FB Page


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