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    The Indian Muslim Women’s Movement raised the demand to ban polygamy and child marriage. Indian Muslim Women’s Movement raises demand to ban polygamy and child marriage


    Sep 24, 2022
    Indian Muslim Women’s Movement


    • BMMA demanding Muslim family law
    • Survey of Muslim women across the country
    • Demand to ban polygamy and child marriage

    BMMA The survey conducted twice across the country in 2015 and 2018, in which 84% of Muslim women declared polygamy as illegal. 73% of women feel that the man who marries for the second time should be punished. 45% of women say they have no other choice. By accepting the second marriage of her husband, she is also worried about the children. 50% of women reported that they had to face depression, guilt and suicidal feelings after their husband’s second marriage.

    84% of women in favor of outlawing polygamy

    Another study by the Indian Muslim Women’s Movement found that 91.7% of women said that they do not want their husband to remarry. 84% of women want polygamy to be outlawed. BMMA conducted surveys for Muslim women twice across the country in 2015 and 2018. In 2015 about 5 thousand women were surveyed while in 2018 5550 women were surveyed.

    Muslim women’s movement demanding concrete laws for women

    The Muslim Mahila Andolan has been demanding a lawful Muslim family law since 2007. At the same time, under the Child Marriage Prohibition Act 2006, a demand is being raised to include Muslim society in this law. Indian Muslim women’s movement has demanded Muslim family law, till now Muslim women have not got legal protection.

    Issues like polygamy and law prohibiting child marriage, the need for changes in Muslim family law based on Quranic and constitutional values, was raised by the Muslim women’s movement. The organization said that we need justice, equality and non-discriminatory laws. Polygamy, child marriage, verbal divorce, halala, all these violate the human rights of Muslim women.

    There is no law in the Muslim Personal Law Board, so the government brought a law on it

    Verbal divorce was made illegal. Now the practice of polygamy should be banned, if the first wife is present then the second marriage should not be allowed. There is no strict law regarding this in the Muslim Personal Law Board, so this organization of women directly denied this organization that we want from the government to bring strict laws in this context.










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