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Robinsons Urban Legend Resurfaced Anew After Missing Palawan Student


Aug 14, 2022


The controversial Robinsons urban legend created a buzz online as it resurfaced anew after a student who visited Robinsons Mall in Puerto Princesa, Palawan went missing.

According to reports by the local media in Palawan, last August 5, 2022, a BS Criminology graduating student, identified as Jovelyn Galleno went missing as she was last seen entering Robinsons Place Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

It can be seen in a CCTV footage of the mall that Jovelyn went inside the establishment but there is no footage of her leaving the said mall.

It is also impossible according to reports that the student could not be seen because all the entrance and exit points of the mall have an operational CCTV and all were working properly.

Based upon the testimonies of the sister of the missing student, Jovelyn departs from the mall frequently at around 6:30 PM but on August 4, an hour later or at around 7:30 her sister went missing and nowhere to be found at their residence .

Jovelyn’s last chat to her sister came at around 6:37 as she asked about their food for dinner “TELL MOM I WILL BE PAID TOMORROW AS MAAM IS NOT HERE.” This is her last text to her sister.

The Local Government of Puerto already coordinated with the Robinsons Mall management to cooperate on their investigation.

Robinsons Mall also stated that they have nothing to hide from the LGU and the general public. The mall claimed that there is no CCTV footage showing the missing student going outside of their mall.

Due to the reported missing student allegedly inside the Robinsons Mall in Palawan, netizens were quick to discuss the possibility of the re-emergence of the Robinsons urban legend about the half-snake half-human creature allegedly inside the mall.

The urban legends about the Robinsons Mall started to peak during the year 1980’s when popular actress Alice Dixson claimed that a “Taong Ahas” existed inside the mall and kept on preying on victims while inside the dressing hall of the mall.

According to some netizens there’s some possibility that the missing student was abducted by the “Taong Ahas,” that’s the reasons why the management of the mall could not explain the whereabouts of the missing student.

Meanwhile the actress who started all the urban legend, Alice Dixson already clarified her story as she noted that she was just joking during those times when she narrated the story of the Taong Ahas in the 1980’s.

“They directed me to the bathroom outside the department store on the fourth floor to change clothes. I remember someone was curious outside, and for some reason while I was inside the bathroom, I said, ‘Tuklaw, tuklaw’ ,” the actress said.

“Now, I don’t really know why I did that. Maybe because, I was just being funny? I was trying to get a laugh from my colleagues? I was being young and silly.” Alice Dixon added.

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