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    Audie Gemora’s Tweet Mocking Sen. Robinhodd Padilla Backfires


    Aug 3, 2022

    Veteran stage actor and singer Audie Gemora, a vocal Dilawan or Pinklawan supporter on social media tried to mock Sen. Robinhodd Padilla on Twitter after the lawmaker confessed to reporters that he is experiencing difficulty following the discussion because his colleagues normally engage in debates in English.

    Sen. Robin Padilla was quoted as saying “I’m just having a hard time. Can you take it easy?” the neophyte senator told reporters during an ambushed interview.

    The confession of the newly-elected and first-time senator made some headlines in the mainstream media, giving his critics the opening to attack him and make a mockery out of him, particularly Kakampinks like Audie Gemora.

    Audie Gemora made a mockery out of him, and told his followers that their senatorial bets, were deserving of a senate slot more than the action star Robin Padilla.

    The veteran singer Tweeted “You put a kinder-gardener in graduate school and expect the class to adjust?”

    The eagerness of Audie Gemora to mock or to put Sen. Robinhood Padilla to shame and at the same time, make the senator’s supporters cringe in embarrassment for voting the actor whom Gemora thinks is unqualified due to the non-mastery of the English language when compared to Kakampink senatorial bets, the singer actor just put himself in an embarrassing situation.

    Audie Gemora’s plans to mock Sen. Padilla and embarrassed the actor backfired big time after a veteran blogger and prominent social media personality identified as MJ Quiambao Reyes responded brilliantly to Gemora.

    Read the Complete Statement of MJ Reyes:

    To Mr. Gemora & to others who think & tweet like him:

    First, before insulting you, please make sure that KINDERGARTNER is spelled correctly so that it is not embarrassing.

    Second, speaking a foreign language is not a measure of intelligence and competence. [Otherwise, ano na lang ang magiging tingin sa iyo Audie now that you can’t even spell a simple word correctly?]

    Third, being humble and loving one’s own language is never stupidity or a lack of ability to serve the people.

    Promoted by Sen. Robin Padilla is using his own language not only because he is more skilled and comfortable there but also because he wants the majority of citizens to better understand the important issues being debated in the senate.

    As PRRD himself told us on July 18 (if my memory serves me right):

    “Robin is really good at that. That guy can express himself in English if he wants to. But he really wants to use Filipino. Why not?”

    [Oo, SRP, pinag chismisan ka namin

    Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes


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