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    Rishabh Pant News: Due to overspeeding, 2 challans of Rishabh Pant’s car were cut, UP police sent notices


    Dec 30, 2022

    Publish Date: | Fri, 30 Dec 2022 04:20 PM (IST)

    Rishabh Pant News: Rishabh Pant met with an accident on the Delhi-Dehradun highway in the early hours of Friday. He suffered serious injuries after the car hit the divider on the road. The vehicle burnt to ashes there. Pant said that he had lost control of the vehicle due to dozing off. However, due to overspending in the past, the challan of the cricketer has also been deducted twice. Notices have been sent to the Indian batsman by the Uttar Pradesh Police Traffic Directorate to deposit the amount of the challan. Rishabh Pant’s Mercedes car violated traffic rules on 22 February at 11.30 pm. Regarding this, a challan of Rs 2,000 was sent to him under the Motor Vehicle Act, which is pending.

    challan cut twice

    On the other hand, at 5 pm on May 25, Pant’s car violated the speed limit. Then again he was sent a notice to pay a fine of Rs 2000. According to the Transport Department of Uttar Pradesh Government, at present the fine amount of both the challans has not been deposited.

    Pant was going home

    Please tell that Rishabh Pant was going from Delhi to his home in Roorkee. He was driving the Mercedes himself. During this, he fell asleep and the car collided with the divider and fell victim to the accident. Here the accident happened at Mohammadpur Jat near Roorkee. Rishabh came out after the accident by breaking the wind screen. After this the car caught fire.

    Referred to Max Hospital

    After pulling out the injured Rishabh Pant, the local people called an ambulance. Pant was sent to Roorkee’s Saksham Hospital. From there he was referred to Max Hospital in Dehradun. According to doctors, Pant has two cuts on his forehead. Torn ligament in right knee. He suffered injuries on his right wrist, ankle, thumb of the pack. There is a rubbing injury on the back. His condition remains stable.

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