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    Rajasthan News A horrific accident happened in Rajasthan 4 children died due to house collapse. The father had gone out of work, when he returned home, the bodies of 4 children were found, know the whole matter


    Sep 28, 2022
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    4 children died due to house collapse in Rajasthan

    Rajasthan News: Four children including three girls sleeping in a house collapsed in Rajasthan’s Dholpur district, killing them. The police gave this information on Wednesday. According to the police, the children’s mother and a girl have been admitted to the government hospital in an injured condition. The incident happened late Tuesday night in Maniya town of the district, where a family lived in a rented house.

    Police station in-charge Lakhan Singh gave information

    Mania station in-charge Lakhan Singh told that the father of the children had gone out for work. The woman and her five children were sleeping in the house. The dead included three girls aged two to five years and a four-month-old boy, he said. Condoling the accident, Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has demanded the state government to provide relief to the victim’s family.

    Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat tweeted

    He tweeted, “The news of the death of four innocent people of the same family due to house collapse at Maniyan in Dholpur district is heartbreaking. Two members of the family have also been seriously injured in the incident.” Shekhawat said, “The state government should provide assistance to the victim’s family as soon as possible.”

    Incident in Maniya town

    The incident is said to have happened around 2:00 pm. Maniya was sleeping in the house with the wife of a person named Pramod and four small children living in the town. Due to the incessant rain for several days, there was moisture in the house. All 4 children of Pramod and wife were sleeping in the same room. Four siblings died after being buried under the rubble of the house. All of them range in age from 3 months to 5 years. After a major accident, there has been an atmosphere of mourning in the entire town.

    Moisture had come inside the house due to rain

    Pramod told that due to the rain for the last several days, moisture had come inside the house. Wife and four children were sleeping inside the room. This terrible incident happened late in the night. After getting information about the incident, the district administration reached the spot and the entire matter is being investigated. The mother and the child are being treated at the district hospital.




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