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MCC | Bowler not ‘villain’, batsman standing at non-striker’s end breaking rules: MCC


Feb 24, 2023


"Bowler Is Not Villain..." Marylebone Cricket Club On 'Non-Striker Run-Out'

London: The World Cricket Committee of the Marylebone Cricket Club stated that no bowler can be called a ‘villain’ for ‘running out’ a batsman ahead of his crease in an attempt to steal runs at the non-striker’s end. The World Cricket Committee said this in an attempt to normalize the nature of dismissals in all age group level cricket.

The WCC also called for ‘restraint’ on the controversial issue as some former cricketers still believe it is against the spirit of the game to run out a batsman despite the ICC (International Cricket Council) rules That it will be considered ‘run out’. The game’s law makers MCC issued a clarification on the wording of the rule last month after Australian leg-spinner Adam Zampa attempted to run out Tom Rogers at the non-striker’s end in a Big Bash League match.

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This clarification included a change in the wording of Rule 38.3 to provide better clarity and remove misunderstandings. The WCC has players like Kumar Sangakkara, Sourav Ganguly, Justin Langer, Alastair Cook whose chairman is Mike Gatting. The WCC met at the ICC headquarters in Dubai last week and is now talking calm about adopting this rule at all levels of the game (from recreational cricket to elite level) as the non-striker at the end It is under the rules to run out a player standing ahead of the crease.

The MCC said in a statement on Thursday, “The most important factor that can eliminate all doubt and controversy in a simple way on the manner of such dismissal is that the player standing at the non-striker’s end has violated the rules.” Follow through and remain inside your crease until the ball is bowled from the hands of the bowler. ,

According to it, “The issue also came up in the discussion in Dubai that the bowler is criticized for getting out like this. All the members of the committee were unanimous that the batsman who breaks the rules of the game and stands ahead of his place at the crease is guilty. ,

“They also agreed that the bowler is not required to give any warning to the batsman, confirming that he has the authority to dismiss the offending batsman at the same time,” the statement said. The great Sri Lankan cricketer Sangakkara said, “The bowler is not the ‘villain’ (villain) here.” Each batsman has the option of staying inside his crease or risk being run out if he tries to move forward. If he stays out of his crease, he is the one breaking the rules. ” (agency)


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