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    Married woman murdered for dowry in Saharsa: family members accused of hanging her, used to torture her for bike and Rs 1 lakh


    Mar 10, 2023

    Married woman killed for dowry in Saharsa

    A murder case came to light in Saharsa on Thursday, 9th March. Where a 30-year-old woman was hanged to death at her in-laws house for dowry. The matter is being told of Sulindabad of Sadar police station area. At the same time, the victim has pleaded for justice by giving an application in the Sadar police station.


    Be informed that the name of the deceased is Noor Khatoon (30 years). His maternal home is Adampur (Mughal Toli) Ward No. 8 of Purnia district. Whereas the in-laws of the deceased is in Sulindabad Ward No. 8 of Sadar Police Station area. The marriage of the deceased Noor Khatoon was held on January 26, 2017, according to Muslim customs, in Sulindabad Ward No. 8 of Mohd. Parvez father Mohd. After marriage, Noor had two daughters, in which one daughter is 4 years old and the other daughter is only 5 months old.

    At the same time, the maternal family members mentioned in the application regarding this incident that husband Mohammad Parvez, father Mohammad Kashim, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law all demanded a bike and one lakh rupees as dowry after a few days of marriage. Used to harass and beat up equally.

    When information about the fight was given by the daughter, then her maternal family members used to convince her. Used to say that everything will be fine. But still these people kept on assaulting him.

    He also mentioned in the application that even a month back, his in-laws had beaten him together. Noor Khatoon had informed about it on mobile. After that, the maternal family came to Sulindabad and went back to Purnia after convincing them. After that, on February 7, at around 11.30 pm, husband Mohammad Parvez and all the family members were strangulated to death by hanging with a thick cloth. The information of which was not given to the maternal family members.

    On being informed yesterday by the villagers, on the same information, he came from Purnia to Sulindabad on Thursday and when asked from Mohammad Kashim, he was told that Noor had died due to electrocution. After that, when inquired in the village, it was told by the villagers that all the people of the in-laws together strangled them to death by strangulation with thick wire and were also buried late at around 2.30 am. put.

    At the same time, it would be necessary to mention that the in-laws had prepared a panchnama in their village, in which it was written that Noor Khatoon had died due to electrocution. In which the signatures of many people, including the head representative, have been made in the panchnama. The question arises whether the dead body How was he buried without conducting post mortem. Why was the maternal family buried without informing. Why was the maternal family not waited for.

    On the other hand, Sadar Police Station President Sudhakar Kumar said that the application has been received and appropriate action will be taken after investigation.









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