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    Had to swear to live and die together: Lover ran 4 times to save his life from his girlfriend, found him every time; Finally the police got married


    Mar 10, 2023

    Tamil Nadu, both of them became friends, which later turned into love.

    A strange case came to light from Sitamarhi. Where a lover tried to run away 4 times to save his life from his girlfriend. But the girlfriend who had vowed not to leave him used to reach the young man every time. In such a situation, in the end, the Sitamarhi police got both of them married on the basis of mutual consent. In the presence of the police, both were married with the consent of the family members in the Shiv temple located in the police station premises.


    The lover was identified as 22-year-old Chandan Thakur, a resident of Pakadiya village of Pipra Parsain Panchayat under Sonbarsa police station area of ​​Sitamarhi. At the same time, the girlfriend happened to be Sunita (21 years), daughter of Surendra Sethi, a resident of Chandikhan village under Jaspur Neela, Odisha.

    what is the matter

    In fact, Sunita reached the police station and told the police that she was having a love affair with Chandan for one year. After the intermediate examination, Sunita went to work in a sewing factory in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu in the month of March last year 2022 due to financial constraints. Where he met Chandan Thakur of Sitamarhi. The friendship between the two gradually turned into love. Both of them also swore to live and die with each other. But after 5 months there was a rift between the two over some issue. After which Chandan left his girlfriend and went back to the village.

    Sunita reached the police station and told the police that she was having a love affair with Chandan for one year.

    On getting information about this, Sunita also reached Chandan’s house after finding out. Seeing his girlfriend, Chandan ran away from home and went to his brother in Ludhiana. On the other hand, Sunita traced again and reached her brother in Ludhiana. From there both decided to go home together. But, while coming from there, Chandan once again escaped by jumping from a moving train near Banaras station. During this, he also got hurt in his left hand. But he could not run away from the station due to his injury.

    Police got both of them married

    After which Sunita also got down at the next station and found Chandan back. Then both returned home safely. Then a day before Holi, both of them had a fight about something and Chandan once again fled after locking the house. After which Sunita reached Sonbarsa police station after getting tired. Where the policemen searched Chandan after listening to his complaint, then got both of them married according to Hindu customs.

    Regarding the matter, Police Station President Subodh Kumar told that a lot of effort had to be made to find Chandan. Told that the girl had reached with a complaint. After investigation, both the lovers agreed for the marriage and the family members also agreed. On the basis of which both of them were married according to Hindu rituals under the custody of the police force.








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