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    Mahagathbandhan will announce MLC candidates today: Hope to re-trust the old; Kedarnath Pandey’s son preparing to contest election from Saran


    Mar 10, 2023

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    • Hope To Repose Faith In The Old, Preparations Are Being Made To Contest The Election Of Kedarnath Pandey’s Son From Saran

    Patna2 hours ago

    On Friday, the Grand Alliance will announce the vacant seats of the Bihar Legislative Council. All the parties of the Grand Alliance will together announce their candidates. At the same time, notification has been issued for the election of Bihar Legislative Council on 6th March. Elections will be held on four Legislative Council seats.

    It has two graduate seats. There are two teacher seats. The by-election will also be held on the vacant Saran teacher seat after the death of MLC Kedar Nath Pandey. Please tell that notification has been issued for these five seats. Again preparations are being made to repose faith in the old candidates.

    term of many expired

    Awadhesh Narayan Singh’s tenure from Gaya graduate constituency is coming to an end. Sanjeev Shyam Singh’s tenure from Gaya teacher’s constituency is coming to an end. Virendra Narayan Yadav’s tenure from Saran graduate constituency is coming to an end. Sanjeev Kumar Singh’s tenure from Kosi teacher’s constituency is coming to an end. The tenure of all is ending on 8 May 2023. There will be a by-election on one seat. The by-election is to be held in Saran teacher’s constituency.

    Old candidates have hope

    The by-election will be held on the Saran teacher’s constituency, which fell vacant after the death of Kedar Nath Pandey. It is expected that CPI will field Kedarnath Pandey’s son Anand Pushkar from this seat. Whereas, JD(U) members Sanjeev Shyam Singh (Gaya), Sanjeev Kumar Singh (Koshi) are from teachers’ constituency and Virendra Narayan Yadav (Saran) from graduates’ constituency. The only BJP MLC Awadhesh Narayan Singh is from the Gaya graduate constituency. Everyone is expected to get back tickets from their respective parties.

    Information was issued regarding the four seats of the Bihar Legislative Council. Election notification will be issued on March 6. Nomination can be done till March 13. The last date for withdrawal of candidature will be March 16. Voting will be held on 31 March. The counting of votes will take place on April 5. After that the results will be declared. Candidates from all parties have started preparing.

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