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    Mankading Controversy | Moeen Ali’s big statement about ‘Mankading’, ‘I don’t think I…’


    Sep 28, 2022

    New Delhi: During the ODI series against England, Deepti Sharma of the Indian women’s team (India vs England) dismissed the host team’s batsman in the manner of Mankading. Since then a controversy has started regarding Mankading. Many former England legends questioned the Indian player regarding the manner in which Deepti Sharma was dismissed.

    At the same time, now England all-rounder and stand-in captain Moeen Ali has expressed his opinion in this matter. He said that he is ready to do Mankading only under one condition.

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    Moeen Ali gave his opinion on Mankading before meeting in the fifth T20 match against Pakistan and said, “No it is not my thing. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it, unless I’m really angry with someone. It is law and there is nothing illegal in it so the people doing it have the right, but I hope it will not be a common practice, or something that is done regularly.”

    He added, “You’re not really working to take wickets. With at least one run out, a little work is required, as with all other dismissals. It’s just waiting for the guy to come out of the crease and blow the bails. Even when I used to play cricket in the Garden as a child, it was not my thing.

    Let us tell you that Mankading has been a matter of controversy in the world of cricket for a long time. Recently the International Cricket Council (ICC) changed its rules. According to the new ICC rules, Mankading out will be considered as a run out. If the batter is at the nonstriker’s end and leaves the crease before the bowler releases the ball, and the bowler hits the stumps, the batsman is declared out.

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