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Mahrajganj News: DM gave these special instructions to the officials on Samadhan Divas


Jun 18, 2023



Maharajganj News:
Maharajganj District Magistrate Satyendra Kumar conducted a public hearing in Tehsil Nichlaul on Saturday on the occasion of Complete Solution Day. During this, Superintendent of Police Maharajganj Dr. Kaustubh was also present. During the public hearing on Samadhan Diwas, the DM gave several instructions to the concerned officials.

Directing the concerned officers, the DM said that the problems of the common people should be redressed at the local level at the earliest. They should not have to worry again and again. Quick redressal of the problems of the public is the priority of all of us.

A total of 38 cases were presented during the Sampurna Samadhan Divas, out of which 05 cases were disposed off on the spot. For the remaining cases, the District Magistrate directed to dispose of them expeditiously and as per the rules. The District Magistrate said that the officers should take every matter presented in the Sampoorna Samadhan Diwas seriously and dispose of them according to the rules and within the time frame. He directed that action should be taken by constituting a team in cases where there is a need.

Tehsildar Sadar Rajesh Kumar Srivastava said that a total of 12 cases of revenue, 11 of police department, 04 of social welfare department, 05 of electricity department and 02 of development department were presented. Apart from this, 01-01 cases came from Nagar Panchayat Nichlaul and Siswan and Forest Department. SDM Nichlaul Satyaprakash Mishra, PD Ramdarsh ​​Chaudhary, Tehsildar Rajesh Kumar Srivastava and other district level officers were present in the Samadhan Diwas.


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