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Bhopal: Karni Sena demands 100 seats in MP assembly elections, will support the party which will give more tickets


Jun 18, 2023


Bhopal Karni Sena: Assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh at the end of the year, but before that social organizations have started putting pressure on national parties regarding tickets. Karni Sena held a press conference in the capital today and demanded 100 seats for the Kshatriya community in the assembly elections. There will also be a mahapadav in Bhopal in August regarding this. In the event of not giving seats, Karni Sena has also warned to contest the elections as an independent.

Giving information, National President of Karni Sena Dr. Raj Shekhawat said that Kshatriya Karni Sena is working on demands like participation of Kshatriyas in power, Kshatriya Welfare Board, Law against Love-Jihad, Land Jihad, cow slaughter free Madhya Pradesh and formation of Sanatan Board. The family is going to have a big gathering in Bhopal. Lakhs of Kshatriyas from all over the country will come in this, who will protest for their 12-point demand.

Karni Sena demands 100 seats in mp assembly elections 2023, Raj Shekhawat gave information
Karni Sena demands 100 seats in MP assembly elections

Dr. Shekhawat told that many national level saints will also come to participate in his performance. He said that out of total 230 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh, 100 are like this or the number of Kshatriyas is more. There is direct interference of the Kshatriya community here, so tickets should be given to the people of the society only. He said that we have demanded 80 to 100 seats. The party which will give us maximum seats. We will support him.


parties forget after making promises

State President of Karni Sena Indal Singh Rana said that Congress and BJP are ignoring the interests of Kshatriyas and Hindus. Only big things are done in elections but after coming to power the parties forget the promises made. But now all this will not work. Karni Sena will not tolerate all this now. Mahapadav is being organized in Bhopal regarding this. All Kshatriya Samaj organizations will participate in this.



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