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Love Story | The former coach of the Indian team was madly in love with the mother of a girl, fought a long battle to get love


Jan 14, 2023

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New Delhi: Former Indian team coach Anil Kumble has faced many struggles in his life. Be it career or personal life, he has faced challenges every time. Despite this, he never gave up. On the cricket field, he won the team many times in difficult situations. The way he never gave up on the field. Similarly, he never gave up in his personal life. He had to face many difficulties to make his love his life.

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Anil Kumble, popularly known as Jumbo in the world of cricket, was in love with the mother of a daughter. Anil Kumble had given his heart to Chetna Ramatheertha, who works in a travel agency, in the very first meeting. Chetna married a storebroker in 1986. But, she was not happy with her personal life and started working.

The first meeting of Anil Kumble and Chetna was normal. But, after this both became friends. However, Chetna was not ready to marry again. He had lost faith in marriage. Although she decided to separate from her husband in 1998, Kumble also supported her in this. After this Anil Kumble proposed Chetna for marriage, but she refused.

However, a few days later, Chetna agreed to marry Anil Kumble. Both got married in the year 1999. At that time Chetna’s 4 year old daughter Aruni was also there. But, Chetna and Anil face a challenge to get the custody of their daughter. After this, finally the court ruled in favor of Chetna. Then Kumble also gave his name to Chetna’s daughter Aruni.

Anil Kumble is currently living with his 3 children. Son’s name is Mayas and daughter’s name is Swasti Kumble. Anil Kumble loves jungle and animals. For this reason, he is mostly found doing wildlife photography. However, his tenure as coach with the Indian team was not very special. There was a difference of opinion between Anil Kumble and captain Virat Kohli. After which he left coaching.

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