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    Ashes Series | The ruthlessness of England bowlers, bid for the life of the Australian captain to win the match


    Jan 14, 2023

    New Delhi: It is often seen on the cricket field that many times batsmen get injured due to bowlers. When a bowler starts bowling the batsman’s body. That too bouncer, then this attack is called Bodyline. During this, the chances of injury to the batsman are high. That’s why strict steps were taken regarding this type of bowling.

    Let us tell you that this bodyline attack started with the Ashes series. The Ashes series was played between England and Australia in 1933. Due to the bodyline attack in this series, the batsmen had suffered serious injuries. On this day, January 14, something like this happened at the Adelaide Oval, due to which everyone was shocked.

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    The third Test match of The Ashes series between England and Australia started on January 13 at the Adelaide Oval. In this match, England bowlers bowled bodyline attack against Kangaroo players. England batted on the first day of the third match and by the end of the day had scored 236 runs at the loss of seven wickets. The England team was bundled out for 341 runs on the second day.

    After this the Australian team came out to bat. Jack Fingleton and captain Bill Woodfull opened the innings. To stop Australia’s batsmen, England adopted the strategy of bowling bodyline. At the same time, Australia’s captain Bill became the victim of this bodyline bowling. England bowler Harold Larwood hit the Australian captain on the chest. This ball hit Bill on the chest on the fifth ball of the over. After being hit by a fast ball, Bill dropped his bat and started moaning in pain.

    England’s bowlers also got scared seeing all this and everyone started running towards Bill. England bowler Gabi Allen brought water for him. Meanwhile, more than 50,000 spectators who were present at the ground at that time. However, after some time the bills were tightened. He scored 22 runs in the first innings.

    The Australian team was able to score only 222 runs in the first innings. At the same time, England scored 412 runs in the second innings. Australia got a target of 532 runs in the second innings. However, the Kangaroo team was able to score 193 runs in the second innings. Will scored an unbeaten 73 in the second innings. England won this match by a huge margin of 338 runs.

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