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    Kabul Blast | Afghan cricketers were shocked by the blast in Kabul, said this with folded hands


    Oct 1, 2022

    New Delhi: A fierce suicide attack took place on Friday in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. In this attack 19 people lost their lives and 27 people were injured. This attack has created an atmosphere of fear in the entire country. Afghanistan cricketers have also been scared by this attack. From Rashid Khan to Mujeeb Zadran narrated the pain of the wounds of this attack.

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    Rashid Khan has shared a picture on his Twitter account. He wrote with folded hands in the caption of this picture, ‘Don’t kill education’. At the same time, Mujeeb Zadran posted on Instagram and said that do not kill education. Hope is dead and the book of life is lost. He further wrote that the house is lovely, but life is full of pain.

    Let us tell you that this attack has taken place in the western area of ​​​​Afghan, which belongs to the Shia-dominated area. When the students were preparing for the university exam, there were explosions at the same time. It is to be known that the terrorist group is continuously targeting Shia Muslims in Afghanistan.

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