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    Husband gave triple talaq to wife over phone: SP lodged FIR on wife’s complaint, married in 2008


    Sep 26, 2022

    Kannauj4 minutes ago

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    Victim woman.

    In Kannauj, a husband got angry and told his wife talaq thrice over the phone. The wife became infuriated after hearing about the divorce. The victim gave the complaint to the police station, but instead of taking action, the police pushed the woman. After which he complained to the SP and then an FIR was registered.

    Accused of demanding Rs 5 lakh and gold chain

    Sadaqat Ali, a resident of Kidarwai Nagar Mohalla of Saurikh police station area, had married his daughter Uzma in the year 2008 with Salman, son of Ayaz, resident of Mazpurwa village of Gursahaganj Kotwali area. Uzma alleges that after her marriage, her in-laws started harassing her by demanding additional dowry. Started demanding gold chains and five lakh rupees. When father Sadaqat Ali expressed his inability to give additional dowry, the in-laws threw him out of the house.

    Police ordered investigation in the case

    When relatives mediate about this matter, father-in-law Ayaz, Sal Gulla Begum, brother-in-law Imran and two sisters-in-law went to his maternal side to negotiate. It is alleged that during the conversation, the husband called Uzma in anger and said talaq thrice. Due to which Uzma became upset. A complaint was given to the Saurikh police station regarding the matter, but the police refused to register the report. After which a complaint was made to the Superintendent of Police. On his orders, the police station has registered a report.

    also accused of assault

    Giving a complaint to the Saurikh police station, Uzma’s father Sadaqat Ali said that when the son called to explain to his son-in-law, he started abusing. The relatives of the son-in-law present at the house also started beating. A complaint was made to the Saurich police station in this matter.

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