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    Formation of Children’s Parliament in Primary School of Hardoi: Tanya of class 5 became Prime Minister, teacher administered oath of office and secrecy


    Sep 26, 2022

    Hardoi3 minutes ago

    Students performing in the election of children’s parliament in the primary school of Hardoi.

    The election of Children’s Parliament was organized in the primary school of Hardoi on Monday. Teachers first informed the children about the election. This was followed by nominations, voting and counting of votes. After this Tanya was elected Prime Minister.

    In-charge Shaheen Fatma in Sanvilian Vidyalaya Bait Ganj of Hardoi Vikas Khand Nagar area, Children’s Parliament was formed to increase the knowledge of children in primary school. The process of the five-day Children’s Parliament election under the chairmanship of Shaheen Fatma concluded today. In this, four candidates from four parties along with their friends entered the electoral fray with full enthusiasm for the post of Prime Minister. After the election results, Tanya of class 5 was selected for the post of Prime Minister.

    Students vote in the election of Children’s Parliament held in Primary School, Hardoi.

    Deputy Prime Minister Ayush

    Deputy Prime Minister Ayush, Education Minister Sandhya, Deputy Education Minister Poornima, Finance Minister Pari, Law Minister Akash, Sports and Cultural Minister Shalu, Health Food and Sanitation Minister Ayush, Environment Agriculture Minister Shalu, Library Science Minister Dev, Library Science Minister Rani became the queen. All were administered the oath of office and secrecy by teacher Shaheen Fatma. During this the teachers, principal and all the staff and children of the school were present.


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