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Honor killing after 4 years of love marriage: went to Nawada to see the fair with the child; brother shot 3 bullets


Oct 1, 2022

Nawada13 minutes ago

A woman had to pay the price of making love in Nawada. She was murdered after 4 years of love marriage. The woman was shot 3 bullets by her own brother. 4 years ago, he had threatened to kill you whenever we met.

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The incident is of Nemdarganj village of Akbarpur police station area. Here last night, 25-year-old Chandni Kumari was murdered by her brother and escaped. The name of the husband of the deceased is Vipin Kumar. Dwarka Ravidas, the father-in-law of the deceased, has told that Chandni’s brother Kundan Chaudhary shot dead. At the time of marriage, Kundan had threatened the bride and groom that whenever they meet, they will kill both of you.

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Police examining the dead body.

Love marriage happened 4 years ago, brother was angry
According to the information, the love marriage of Chandni Kumari and Vipin Kumar, daughter of Chhote Lal Chaudhary of Nemdarganj village, took place 4 years ago in 2018. After marriage, both of them left the village and fled to Chennai. Chandni’s brother was very angry with the marriage and was waiting for both of them for 4 years.

was returning from the market, brother shot 3 bullets

At the time of Corona, both had reached the village for 6 months, but at that time Chandni’s brother could not do anything. Here Chandni came to the village alone with her child. Husband is still in Chennai. She was returning from the market on Friday night. During that time the brother was shot and killed.

On the whole matter, Akbarpur police station in-charge Ajay Kumar has said that the married woman has been shot dead in a love affair. Police is on the lookout for the accused brother. At present, the dead body has been sent to Sadar Hospital for post-mortem.

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