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    Accident on Ara-Buxar NH, 3 injured including 2 friends: Two speeding bikes collided near Rampur Milky Bridge, condition of all three critical, Patna refer


    Oct 1, 2022

    Arrah (Bhojpur)One hour ago

    Two bikes collided on the Ara-Buxar National Highway near Rampur Milki Bridge under Gajrajganj OP under Udwantnagar police station area of ​​the district late on Friday evening. The impact was so strong that all three were seriously injured. After which he was hurriedly brought to Ara Sadar Hospital for treatment by the patrol police of Gajrajganj OP. From where after taking first aid, the condition of the three has been referred to Patna, considering it to be worrying.

    According to the information, one of the injured is Sonu Sharma, 35-year-old son of Vishweshwar Sharma, resident of Vishunpura village under Gajrajganj OP of Udwantnagar police station area. Whereas Manu Kumar, 28-year-old son of Manoj Kumar, resident of MP Bagh Mohalla of Town police station area riding on another bike, and 26-year-old son of Bharti Prasad resident of the same locality and his friend Shubham Kumar are included.

    In relation to the incident, it is said that Sonu Kumar Sharma had gone to his sister’s house in Haripur village of Koilwar police station area on Friday afternoon. When he was returning back to his village Vishanpura by bike late on Friday evening. On the other hand, Shubham Kumar and Manu Kumar, riding on other bikes, were returning to Ara from Bihiya side on the bike. At the same time, there was a direct collision between the two bikes near Rampur Milky Bridge.

    Due to which all three fell from the bike and got seriously injured. After which he was brought to Ara Sadar Hospital for treatment by the Gajrajganj OP Patrol Police. After which the police informed his family members about it. On getting information, his family members reached Sadar Hospital. After which they were referred to Patna after giving first aid, seeing the condition of the three as worrying.


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