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Here China and Pakistan keep their missiles, the stock is full of these weapons


Sep 28, 2022


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  • Where China and Pakistan keep their missiles
  • The stock is full of these weapons
  • Tight security arrangements are in place

For any country, its weapons and the places to keep them are very sensitive and intelligence. Most of them are known to the top level people only. But now the world has got full information about where the arms of China and Pakistan are kept. In fact, NIT.ORG, a website providing information on dangerous weapons around the world, has told in a report that where China and Pakistan keep their dangerous weapons.

Where are China’s weapons?

According to this website, China keeps its weapons in four places. These include Jiuquan Space Launch Center, Taiyuan Space Launch Center, Xichang Space Launch Center and Hainan Space Launch Center. The influence of China, which competes with America, the world’s super power country, falls in the entire Asian continent. According to the website of NTI, China has these 4 missile bases. Out of these, 2 are active, one is operational and one is under construction mode. Missiles are present in all four of these bases. China leaves no stone unturned in protecting these four bases. He knows that America will leave no chance to weaken him and if America gets a chance to enter these places, then he will destroy these weapons of China.

weapons of pakistan

The biggest threat to India is from its neighboring country and the enemy country Pakistan. That is because in 1965, 1971 and 1999, Pakistan has already told about its deadly plans by attacking India. According to the NIT report, the base of most of Pakistan’s missiles is present in Sargodha, Punjab. Here he keeps his most dangerous missiles. For its security, Pakistan has engaged its most special security personnel, so that no one can have access to these weapons.






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