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Gauri Reveals That Shah Rukh Khan Was Extremely Possessive Not Letting Her To Wear White Shirt


Feb 17, 2023

Shah Rukh Possessive Nature: Shahrukh Khan loves his wife Gauri very much. To marry Gauri, Shahrukh had united the land and the sky. After marriage, Shahrukh and Gauri became each other’s support system and supported each other in every situation. Shahrukh’s stardom never came in between their relationship. However, Shah Rukh once revealed on Simi Grewal’s show that the relationship between the two was not always like this, as he used to be very possessive about his wife Gauri. The extent of possessiveness was so high that Shahrukh did not even allow Gauri to wear a white shirt.

were not allowed to wear white shirts
Shahrukh used to forbid Gauri to wear white clothes because white clothes are transparent. In 1997, when Shahrukh appeared with Gauri on Simi’s show, he made many revelations about their relationship. Talking about Shahrukh, Gauri had said, “Shah Rukh was so positive about me in the beginning that I started feeling that he was mentally ill. Shahrukh also refused me to wear a white top, because it was too much.” are transparent”. On the other hand, Shahrukh also agreed to Gauri’s words and admitted that he was very positive for her.


Had broken the relationship
Shahrukh had said, “I was very possessive about Gauri. When she used to talk to someone, I used to get very jealous. However, whether it is a woman or a man, everyone definitely has this feeling about their partner. “. It is said that there was a time when Gauri got upset with Shahrukh’s possessive nature and she broke up with him, after which Shahrukh went to Mumbai to persuade her. Talk about the couple’s love story, both come from different religions. In such a situation, the families of both were against this marriage. Finally, after a lot of struggle, the family of both agreed and in 1991, Shahrukh-Gauri got married.

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