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    CM Nitish Kumar saw Makhana processing in Darbhanga: Said- Makhana is very nutritious, it should reach not only in the country but also abroad


    Jan 12, 2023

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    • CM Nitish Kumar Visited Makhana Processing In Darbhanga, Said Makhana Is Very Nutritious, It Should Reach Not Only In The Country But Also In Foreign Countries

    Darbhanga5 hours ago

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    Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who reached Darbhanga, saw Makhana processing during the Samadhan Yatra and praised Makhana a lot. Said that he wants every Indian to have a Bihari dish in their plate. Makhana is nutritious, if it is marketed, its demand will increase in foreign countries as well. Makhana is produced in Darbhanga area. Have seen the kind of work being done here for Makhana. Excellent work is being done.

    The CM said that in the year 2006-07 also he had visited the place. In the government of revered Atal Vajpayee, he looked after these works while being the Agriculture Minister. He had also come to Darbhanga during that time. The CM said that he wants Makhana to develop further. Makhana is a very nutritious food. If people of the country and outside the country eat makhana, they will praise it and say that it is such a wonderful product of Bihar.

    For the development of agriculture, we are running a campaign by making an agricultural roadmap. When we hold a review meeting, we keep all the points. Our aim is to increase its production, so that the source of income of the people increases. By promoting it, its production has increased a lot. People are getting the benefit of this. He has seen all the processes of Makhana.

    MBA as a Startup The Chief Minister took detailed information from Food Technologist Indushekhar Singh regarding Makhana processing being done by Makhana Wala and marketing of laddoos, barfi, 9 flavored super food made from Makhana etc. The Chief Minister provided the kit to the beneficiary of Makhana Vikas Yojana.

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