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Ashwini Choubey reached among the farmers in Buxar: Dhritarashtra told the Chief Minister, said – Buxar was burnt, he did not know


Jan 12, 2023

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  • Ashwini Choubey Reached Among Farmers In Buxar, Dhritarashtra Told The Chief Minister, Said He Did Not Know That Buxar Was Burnt

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Buxar’s MP cum Union Minister of State Ashwani Choubey, who reached the sports ground of Banarpur village in Buxar district, called the Chief Minister of Bihar Dhritarashtra. Said that our Chief Minister is taking out the Samadhan Yatra. First the solution should be for the farmers of Buxar. Should be returned. Proper compensation should be given for the land which is just and fair. Then said that we have been raising these demands of the farmers equally.

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Without taking his name, he taunted the Chief Minister of Bihar and said that Buxar is burning. He says that we do not know. After all, where is your missionary? Where is your judicial system? There is a system of broadcasting, where has it gone? He shakes his head and says that he does not know. He is the son of a farmer, we will not sit silent if lathis will be used on the farmers. But the farmers started interrupting and interrupting his speech. When he started questioning the question, Mike stopped sitting in his car and the farmers started running behind him. Started asking that the administration was torturing us, so where were you?

The playground of Buxar’s Banarpur village had become a political arena on Thursday. At 2 in the afternoon, the leader of the opposition, Samrat Chaudhary, around 4 in the evening, Buxar’s MP Ashwani Choubey, and a little later, Sadar MLA Munna Tiwari arrived. Condemning the vandalism done by the farmer’s family, demanded the dismissal of SHO Amit Kumar. The same Sadar MLA said that the FIR lodged against you will be withdrawn. No farmers will be arrested. I had only one question to all the leaders that where were you for so many days. If you had stood with us, the administration would not have done this to us.

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