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    CM Dhami spoke to Ankita’s father on the phone, assured him, will give justice to Ankita. CM Dhami spoke to Ankita’s father on the phone, assured him, will give justice to Ankita


    Sep 25, 2022
    CM Dhami spoke to Ankita’s father on the phone

    Ankita Murder Case: After the death of Ankita, where there is outrage in the entire state, on the other hand the whole family is in shock due to the death of the daughter. He cannot believe that his daughter is no longer in this world. Everyone is consoling Ankita’s family in this hour of grief. So in the time of such sorrow, the head of the state also consoled the family. When CM Dhami consoled the family by talking to Ankita’s father on the phone, the CM also assured that Ankita would get justice.

    The CM said that, today while talking to Ankita Bhandari’s father on the phone, expressed his condolences. At the same time, he assured that the state government will take strictest action against the culprits by conducting a speedy and fair investigation of this heinous crime, which will prove to be an example for the criminals who commit such heinous acts.

    In the Ankita murder case, the Chief Minister has said that this act of the culprits will not be tolerated.

    Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that this is a heinous crime, the more it is condemned, the less it deserves. Action is being taken against all those who are involved in this incident The work is going on.

    Along with this, orders have also been given for forensic investigation. Pulkit Arya is sent to jail and his father Vinod Arya and Pulkit’s brother Ankit Arya have been expelled from the party. SIT has been appointed under the chairmanship of Renuka Devi so that in this case the milk of milk becomes water of water and strictest action will be taken against whoever is the culprit.

    “This kind of behavior with Mother Shakti of Uttarakhand along with our sisters our daughters cannot be tolerated. Strict action will be taken against it. Our government is taking this on fast track we are working on it”.






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