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    Brahamastra BO Collection: Earned 300 crores, but could not even recover the cost, this film is a flop!


    Sep 16, 2022

    The figures coming out of the earnings of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer film ‘Brahmastra’ are shocking. According to the figures revealed on Friday, then this film has earned 300 crores (gross earnings) all over the world. This earning is a record in itself. No Indian film has earned so much in the first week so far in the world. On the first day, the film has already created a lot of ruckus by earning more than 35 crores in India. But if after hearing all these figures, you too have decided that director Ayan Mukerji’s ‘Brahmastra’ is a blockbuster film, then just wait. We tell you that even after juggling a lot of numbers, this film cannot be called a ‘hit’ yet.

    This film has not even been able to recover its cost.

    Director Ayan Mukerji had said in many of his interviews that it took him 9 years to make this film. While the shooting of this film has been completed in 5 years. After 2 years of shooting, this film was also postponed due to corono. Not only this, many scenes of the film have also been re-shooted. this mega budget The original cost of the film is Rs 410 crore. But this is only the budget spent in the shooting of the film. If we add the promotion budget of this film, then its total cost is being told around 600 crores. In such a situation, even after earning a gross of 300 crores in its first week, this film has not yet recovered its cost. That is, even though these figures seem quite big to you, but the real thing is that even if you leave the earnings in the pocket of producer Karan Johar, the money invested in the film has not come back.

    What is gross and net earning

    Most of the collection figures of this film are being told in gross. Whereas the collections of Bollywood movies are always reported as net income. Think of it this way, the gross collection reflects the total earnings of a film at the box office. This is the income that is earned by selling tickets to a movie. On the other hand, net collection means the income which is calculated after removing the tax from the entire earning i.e. entertainment tax, service tax etc. Net earning is always less than gross.

    The trick in this is that there is a difference in their net earnings due to different tax rates on the release of the film in different states. Apart from the net and gross collections, there is one more thing in the box office collection figures and that is ‘distributor’s share.’ That is, the share of distributors. This is decided after removing the rental charge from the theaters’ net collection.

    In Bollywood, the ‘net collection’ of films is often shown as the box office collection. Whereas in the South film industry, the box office collection of films is shown gross collection.











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