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    Booking of general tickets in railways in private hands, this system started at 52 stations, read here. Railway News Indian railways started private employees book general tickets at 52 stations


    Sep 19, 2022

    Railway News

    Railway News: Indian Railways has started a new system at 52 stations of North Eastern Railway. Under this, private employees will now book general tickets. In such a situation, Indian Railways will now sell general tickets through outsourced means through private employees. Railway administration has started the process of having station ticket booking agents at all NSG-5 and NSG-6 category (Non-Suburban Group) stations.

    Station ticket booking agents will be posted at the junction

    Let us inform that after the operation of private trains in Indian Railways, the Central Government is now handing over the work of sale of local tickets to private employees. At the same time, by surrendering the vacant posts, now the railways will get many works done through outsources. This also includes general ticket sales. In such a situation, now station ticket booking agents will be posted at the junction for booking general tickets. Meaning the ticket counters of the junction will also now be in private hands. Like the halts and smaller stations, at the junctions too, private employees will sell railway general tickets on commission basis.

    CPRO Panjak Kumar Singh told that under the new arrangement, the Varanasi Divisional Administration has almost completed the process of placing 41 STBAs at 31 stations and junctions of NSG-5 and 6 category. Similarly, Lucknow divisional administration has floated tenders for posting STBAs at 52 stations including Gorakhpur, Cantt, Sahjanwan, PPganj, Maghar, Brijmanganj, Shohratgarh and Laxmipur.

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    Representative Image

    67% of the total expenditure of Railways goes to Human Resources

    This arrangement will provide convenience to the passengers. The arbitrariness of railway workers will not work. At the same time, passengers will get tickets on time. Actually, there will also be a cut in the expenditure of railways being done in the name of human resource. According to the information, 67 percent of the total expenditure of the Indian Railways goes to human resources. According to the Chairman of the Railway Board, to reduce the expenditure, the Railway Administration will accommodate the personnel posted on low working posts at other places and surrender the vacant posts and get the necessary work done outsourced.

    Inquiry counters and announcement systems of major stations including Gorakhpur have also been handed over to private hands. For the convenience of the passengers, the North Eastern Railway Administration has also started the process of opening Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendras around 37 stations including Gorakhpur and Lucknow. Like Jansadharan Ticket Booking Sevaks (JTBS), YTSKs will also be opened in the localities of cities and towns around the station. Both reserved and unreserved tickets can be booked from these centres.



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