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    Bike collided with tractor parked in Nalanda, 2 killed: Youth used to work as a plumber, accident happened while returning home


    Mar 17, 2023


    • Bike Collided With Tractor Standing In Nalanda, 2 Died, Youth Used To Work As Plumber, Accident Happened While Returning Home

    In Nalanda, the havoc of high speed has been seen late on Thursday evening. The case pertains to the petrol pump located near Badaya village of Islampur police station area. Where two youths riding a bike collided uncontrollably in a tractor standing on the roadside. Both the bike riders died in this accident. The deceased have been identified as Mukesh Yadav (25) son of Kapil Yadav, resident of Jaitia village of police station area and Ramadhar Paswan (40) son of Shiv Nandan Paswan.


    In the context of the incident, the family told that both the youths used to work as plumbers and used to go to the homes of customers when they were called. On Thursday, he had gone to Danapur in Patna for work. After finishing work from there, he was returning home late in the evening. Only then both were injured in a road accident near Badaya village. Who was admitted to Islampur Primary Health Center with the help of local people. There the doctor declared both dead.

    After the accident, on the information of the death, the relatives reached Islampur Hospital where their screams started echoing. The entire campus became inconsolable due to the cries of the family members. At the same time, the police took the body into custody and sent it to Bihar Sharif Sadar Hospital for postmortem. Islampur Police Station President Chandrashekhar Singh said that two youths have died in the road accident. Police has started taking advance action.