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    Blast in Vikramshila Express in Munger, many passengers injured: Smoke rose from the bag of the woman sitting in the S-9 coach, then a loud explosion


    Mar 17, 2023

    Vikramshila Express going from Bhagalpur to Anand Vihar witnessed a tremendous explosion on Thursday. The accident took place in the S-9 coach of the train. It is being told that suddenly smoke started rising from the bag of a female passenger, then there was a tremendous explosion.

    Sandeep Kumar, a resident of Kharakpur Bhalwai, has been seriously injured in the accident. He was going to Anand Vihar. He got off the train after the blast. Sandeep told that many more passengers were injured in this blast, but they could not get off the train. The train was standing on platform number one of Model station during the blast.

    Injured passenger Sandeep told that he was trying to board the train by taking a general ticket from Bariarpur. Due to overcrowding in the general bogie, he boarded the S-9 bogie. Due to overcrowding in the train, he was standing at the gate itself. Meanwhile, the train stopped at platform number one of Jamalpur station. As soon as the train stopped, suddenly smoke started coming out of a woman’s bag and there was a huge explosion.

    After the explosion, there was chaos inside the train and it fell down from the gate. After falling, Sandeep saw that the woman’s bag was on fire, which caught him. Sandeep’s leg was badly burnt by the fire. Meanwhile, the train started after stopping for some time.

    The exact information about what caused the explosion in the train could not be found. However, passengers including station manager along with RPF and CID say that the incident took place due to mobile blast.

    Sandeep’s leg is badly burnt in the accident.

    Injured Sandeep also told that apart from him, many women passengers in the train were injured in the blast, who could not get down from the train due to going to Delhi. The medical team reached the platform after half an hour to treat Sandeep. Meanwhile he was suffering from pain. Sandeep is undergoing treatment at the Railway Hospital.