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    Another government official trapped in honeytrap, accused of sharing intelligence with the enemy


    May 16, 2023

    Digital Desk, New Delhi. Our neighboring country Pakistan keeps on trying to increase tension in India by doing one or the other every day. In this connection, now another case has come to the fore, in which a top official of Defense Research and Development Wing (DRDO) has been honey-trapped and information related to national security has been taken from him. DRDO’s Research and Development Department (R&De) (Engineers) Director Pradeep Kurulkar was honey-trapped and arrested on May 3 for sharing secret information with the enemy country in an operation by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). has been done. Kurulkar, 59, was handling several highly sensitive projects in DRDO. Also, he was about to retire in November this year.

    What is the whole matter?

    According to information received by Maharashtra ATS, Pradeep Kurulkar came in contact with a girl named Zara Das Gupta through social media. The closeness was gradually increased from the girl’s side and then he was trapped in the honey trap. The girl came in front of Kurulkar as an Indian girl living in London and described herself as his big fan. After this, in September-October last year, he was brought in contact with Pakistani spies trapped in this trap and continuous intelligence was taken from them.

    Kurulkar’s contribution has been in important projects

    Senior Scientist Pradeep Kurulkar has been a part of many important projects during his career in DRDO. He has been instrumental in the testing of almost all the weapons in India’s armoury. Kurulkar was due to retire in November with the rank of Scientist H. This post is considered to be the second highest post in DRDO. According to Kurulkar’s aides, his arrest came as a shock. The reason for which was Pradeep’s settled and sensitive personality. Aides further say that Kurulkar was very fond of telling stories and often did not get tired of praising his achievements and DRDO. Apart from this, he often used to tell about the work done with former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in the office.

    Pradeep Kurulkar was arrested by Maharashtra ATS on 3 May, where the court extended his custody till 15 May. Messages and data were also recovered from the electronic devices seized from them which prove the allegations leveled against Pradeep Kurulkar.

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