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    Will Kangana contest from Mathura? Call Rakhi Sawant too… Hema Malini’s answer to the question


    Sep 25, 2022
    Kangana Ranaut And Hema Malini


    • Discussions of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut contesting the elections intensified.
    • There is talk of Kangana contesting from Mathura seat.
    • Hema Malini’s answer came on the question of Kangana contesting elections

    Mathura MP Hema Malini, while answering the question of actress Kangana Ranaut contesting from Mathura seat, said that the people of Mathura do not want to give up the fascination of actors and actresses. Sometimes even a common man fought from here. Taking a jibe at this question, he said that maybe Rakhi Sawant may also come from here to contest elections tomorrow. Veteran actress Hema Malini is currently the MP from Mathura seat. She has won the election from Mathura twice on a BJP ticket.

    If the media asks Rakhi Sawant to make Mathura MP tomorrow, will she become one?

    When Hema Malini was asked about her views on Kangana Ranaut, she said that what should I tell my views. My thoughts are on God. Lord Krishna Will Do What You Want. Hema Malini told the media that why are you interested in fielding only film artists from Mathura. You will not allow the people of Mathura to become an MP. Here you have put such a thing in everyone’s mind that only a film star will become an MP. You only need film stars and MPs in Mathura. Tomorrow you will ask Rakhi Sawant to be dropped from here. She will also become an MP.

    Kangana Ranaut reached Vrindavan with family

    In fact, earlier this week, Kangana Ranaut along with her family visited temples in Vrindavan and offered prayers there. Kangana had said, ‘It is our good fortune that we got the privilege of seeing Lord Krishna and Radhe Maa’. Kangana further said that she had come to Lord Krishna’s birthplace to seek his blessings as she has finished shooting for her film ‘Emergency’. During her visit, Kangana refused to answer questions related to politics.

    Hema Malini distributes tricycles to Divyangjans

    Mathura MP Hema Malini distributed tricycles to Divyangjans in a function at Rajiv Bhawan Auditorium on Saturday. He distributed tricycles to 75 Divyangjans on behalf of District Divyangjan Welfare Department. After this program in Mathura, MP Hema Malini said that the Yogi Adityanath government is doing good work, during this time he has also appealed to the people to take full advantage of the public welfare schemes of the central and state governments.









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