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    Why Britain’s royal family wears such dresses during Queen Elizabeth’s last farewell, know the reason


    Sep 19, 2022

    Queen Elizabeth II
    Image Source : AP
    Queen Elizabeth II funeral


    • The royal family wore traditional dress during Queen Elizabeth’s final farewell
    • This happened during the last farewell of Prince Philip
    • There is a big reason behind wearing royal dress

    Queen Elizabeth: Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, strict royal protocol has been followed at all state ceremonies, from burial to tribute. The royal family’s ‘dress code’ at the Queen’s funeral on Monday is also in accordance with the pre-determined tradition. Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 at the Balmoral Estate in Scotland. His last rites are being performed at Westminster Abbey in London. During this time you will see that Maharaja Charles III is wearing his ceremonial uniform with the Medal and in his hands is the red velvet and gold Field Marshal Baton, which was presented to him by the Queen in 2012, when Charles received this title.

    The same was seen at Prince Philip’s funeral

    As serving members of the royal family, the Queen’s three children, King Charles, Prince Edward and Princess Anne, will all wear their military uniforms and wear medals during the funeral, according to Buckingham Palace. The Queen’s grandson Prince William is also in military uniform. Women are seen wearing black clothes and caps while men are seen wearing black coats. Serving members of the royal family traditionally wear military uniforms, while non-serving men wear coats, as seen last year at the funeral of the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip.

    There are also controversies over the dress code

    According to a newspaper, there have been some controversies regarding the decision of the royal ‘dress code’ before this funeral. Buckingham Palace initially announced that Prince Harry would not be allowed to wear his military uniform, as he had decided to step down from his duties. According to the newspaper, when Prince Harry made this decision, all military titles were taken away from him. Once a member of the royal family is no longer in active military service, they are considered ‘citizens’, and are therefore not allowed to wear military attire. However, they are allowed to wear their medals over their black suits, as Prince Harry did during the mourning tour carrying the Queen’s coffin. There was an overwhelming response from the people on this.

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