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    Ukraine’s nuclear power plant again came under Russia’s target, missile dropped nearby… know what is the threat to the world


    Sep 19, 2022

    Missile Attack At Nuclear Plant - India TV Hindi News
    Image Source : India TV
    Missile Attack At Nuclear Plant


    • Missile fell 300 meters from nuclear plant in southern Ukraine
    • Nuclear power plant narrowly saved from Richter attack
    • Risk of nuclear radiation leakage from Richter damage

    Russia-Ukraine War Update: Seeing itself lagging behind in the competition with Ukraine, Russia has again created an outcry by raining all-round bombs and missiles on Ukraine. This caused an uproar in Ukraine. Russia had become cold these days in the war that had been going on for almost seven months. The situation became such that many of his soldiers had left the field and started running away. Ukraine recently expelled Russian troops from several cities like Kharkiv, Kupiansk. After this, now Russia has become aggressive again. Ukraine’s nuclear power plant is again the target of Russia.

    According to international media reports, a Russian missile fell very close to Ukraine’s nuclear power plant in the early hours of Monday. It was fortunate that it didn’t fall on the plant, otherwise a major accident could have happened. But the way Russia has intensified its attack in the last 24 hours, it has become a big challenge for Ukraine to protect the nuclear plant. However, personnel of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are also already deployed in its security. The nuclear plant is located in the south of Ukraine, which Russia has targeted in the past. The plant has already been heavily damaged by the Russian attack. The IAEA and other countries, including the US, had expressed deep concern about this. Because if the missile falls on the nuclear plant, then other countries will also be affected by the nuclear radiation from it. This poses a great danger to the neighboring countries.

    Richter of nuclear narrowly saved in the attack

    The Russian missile attack caused panic among the security forces monitoring the nuclear power plant. However, the Richter of the nuclear power plant was not harmed by this attack, as the missile fell very close to the plant. But according to Ukrainian military forces, the attack has caused heavy damage to many industrial equipment.

    Russia accused of spreading nuclear terrorism
    Ukraine’s nuclear power operator Energoatom has described the Russian missile attack on the plant as nuclear terrorism. They say that Russia is spreading nuclear terrorism. He has also strongly condemned this attack by Russia. He said the Russian missile fell 300 meters from the nuclear power plant, after which the windows of more than 100 houses located in the complex were shattered in a massive explosion. People got scared by this. The missile hit an industrial complex in Ukraine’s southern Mykolav region.

    Ukraine closed hydroelectric power plant
    Ukraine has also closed its hydroelectric power plant as a precaution after this attack by Russia. Ukraine is currently breathing a sigh of relief with no damage to the nuclear reactor. But surveillance of missiles and bombs has been increased around the plant. In addition, air-destroying devices are also being installed. So far there has been no response from Russia on the matter.

    What would happen if a missile fell on a nuclear power plant?
    According to scientists, if the missile falls on the nuclear power plant, then its nuclear reactor will be in danger of being destroyed. In this way nuclear radiation will be released. In a way, it will take the form of a nuclear attack. Dangerous nuclear radiation emanating from it can cause the death of people around. Also, this radiation can leak to neighboring countries. This will put many generations at risk of ruin. As was the case with the US nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. That is why all the countries of the world are appealing to Russia not to attack the nuclear plant.

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