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    America kneels before Taliban, releases Taliban terrorist to release its contractor


    Sep 19, 2022

    Bashir Noorzai - India TV Hindi News
    Image Source : Internet Media
    Bashir Noorzai


    • Taliban terrorist Noorzai herself exposed America’s pole
    • America released the terrorist in exchange for the release of its contractor Mark Frerich
    • Taliban showed America its status

    America scared of Taliban: America, the world’s most powerful country, may have killed bin Laden by entering Pakistan and sometimes killing Al-Qaeda’s second leader Al-Zawahiri by entering Afghanistan, but he is afraid of Taliban terrorists. America has kneeled before Taliban. The US has released a Taliban terrorist from prison in exchange for the release of one of its contractors. This sensational news has brought international disgrace to the world’s most powerful country in front of the whole world. However, the US has not yet reacted in this matter. Let us now tell you how the Taliban intimidated America and what forced America to do in return for this fear.

    Let us tell you that these days there is a government of Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. A criminal from Afghanistan was lodged in a US prison for nearly 17 years. He was a member of a Taliban terrorist organization. When the Taliban government was formed in Afghanistan, he started pressuring America to free his partner. In fact, before this, the US had asked the Taliban to release an American contractor lodged in a prison in Afghanistan, but then he did not agree. The Taliban, bargaining on this, put pressure on America by saying that it would release the American contractor only if the Taliban member was released to America in return. After that America did the same.

    Taliban prisoner himself revealed America’s secret

    American officials, under pressure from the Taliban, released its member and freed their contractor, but all this did not let anyone know. But America’s pole was exposed when Taliban prisoners left America and reached Afghanistan and they told this thing in the media. This has caused a stir in the whole world. A senior Taliban released after years of imprisonment in Guantanamo prison claimed on Monday that he had been released and handed over to the Taliban in Kabul in exchange for an American contractor imprisoned in Afghanistan. Narcotics leader and Taliban member Bashir Noorzai told reporters in Kabul that he spent 17 years and six months in the US prison in Guantanamo Bay and is the last Taliban prisoner to be released.

    Foreign Minister said that this new era of relations between America and Taliban
    Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki also addressed the press conference along with Noorzai. It welcomed the swap, saying it marked a “new era” in US-Taliban relations. Muttaki said that Mark Frerich, a former US naval and civil contractor kidnapped from Afghanistan on January 31, 2020, has been released. Last year, a New York magazine shared a video of Frerichs pleading for his release. so that he can be reunited with his family. Freirich said in the video that it was recorded in November. Frerich is a resident of Illinois and is believed to have been taken hostage by the Taliban affiliated with the Haqqani network. US officials tried to get him released, but were unsuccessful.

    American contractor released in exchange
    Taliban Noorzai, released from the US, claimed that the US contractor had been taken hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan more than two years ago. He was in the possession of Haqqani network terrorists. Till now America had not been able to get rid of him. But after contacting the Taliban, the contractor has been released on the condition of this exchange. The family of American contractor Mark Frericks said he had been released. This shows that America is afraid of the Taliban. That is why the US had no hesitation in accepting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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