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    When Shahrukh Khan was struggling with money after buying ‘Mannat’, the designer’s fee was more than his salary


    May 16, 2023
    When Shahrukh Khan was struggling with money after buying ‘Mannat’, the designer’s fee was more than his salary

    Recently, Shah Rukh Khan recalled the early days of his career. The actor told when he bought Mannat and the difficulties he faced to buy it.

    Shah Rukh Khan Gauri Khan: Bollywood’s King Shahrukh Khan may be the owner of property worth crores today, but there was a time when he could not get his luxurious bungalow ‘Mannat’ designed due to lack of money. This was revealed by Shahrukh Khan himself during Gauri Khan’s coffee table book launch event.

    Shahrukh Khan made a big disclosure

    During Gauri Khan’s coffee table book launch event on May 15, Shah Rukh Khan made many interesting revelations related to his life. Also, he told that when he bought Mannat, it was very broken and there was no money to fix it. Then Gauri Khan helped him a lot as a designer.

    Told when did you buy the vow?

    Shah Rukh Khan said, ‘Being from Delhi, there was a habit of living in bungalows. Nobody realized that Mumbai has its own system, where apartments are even more expensive. We are not used to it, not because I was very rich, but because everyone in Delhi has a bungalow.’

    There was no money to pay the designer

    Shah Rukh Khan further said, ‘We did not have much money and as soon as we got some money, we said that we want to buy this bungalow. We also bought it, but the condition of Mannat was very bad at the time of purchase. The whole bungalow was very dilapidated from inside, which I had run out of money to repair. Even called a designer to get it fixed but his fee was more than my one month’s earning.

    Gauri Khan helped like this

    Shahrukh Khan then took the help of his wife Gauri. He said, ‘I told Gauri that you have artistry inside you, so why don’t you become a designer? So this is how the designing of Mannat started. Whatever money we earned, we used to buy things for Mannat. In this way, we took time to decorate Mannat for many years.

    Shahrukh Khan praised Gauri Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan further praised his wife Gauri Khan. He said, ‘Me and Gauri have known each other for a long time. When this happens, we start taking each other’s work for granted. What I am doing, I have been doing for a long time. But Gauri has played her role very well. Together we raised three children. She is not only a good wife but also a good mother. But Gauri always had a passion. He had a passion for creativity.

    shahrukh khan workfront

    On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan is busy shooting for his upcoming film Jawan these days. In this film, for the first time, South actress Nayantara will be seen in the lead role opposite him. The film will be released in theaters on 7 July 2023. Apart from this, King Khan will also appear in the film Danki.



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