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    WhatsApp users urged to update app to avoid malware threat


    Sep 25, 2022

    Okaz/Saudi Gazette

    RIYADH — The users of the WhatsApp application in Saudi Arabia are urged to update their app to avoid serious malware threat.

    The National Cyber Security Guidance Center, affiliated to the National Cyber Security Authority, issued a high-security warning regarding the vulnerabilities in WhatsApp, the messaging application owned by Meta Platforms.

    The center explained that WhatsApp has released several updates to address a number of vulnerabilities in the following versions:

    • WhatsApp – Android: Pre version; Pre version; • WhatsApp Business – Android: – Pre version; Pre version; • WhatsApp – iOS: Pre version; Pre version;

    • WhatsApp Business – iOS: – Pre version

    The center revealed that hackers can exploit the vulnerability by sending malicious software remotely that causes the program to close suddenly and affect the device. Regarding preventive measures, the center recommended updating the affected versions while noting that WhatsApp had issued an explanation for these updates via the following link: https://www.whatsapp.com/security/advisories/2022.

    The center noted that it was necessary to ensure that the affected versions need to update from the official stores.

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