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    Weather: Outbreak of cold wave continues, minimum temperature dropped again, mercury reached 4.5 degree Celsius, people stayed in homes


    Jan 13, 2023

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    • Outbreak Of Cold Wave Continues, Minimum Temperature Dropped Again, Mercury Reached 4.5 Degree Celsius, People Stayed In Homes

    SamastipurA minute ago

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    • Bone-chilling cold due to the westerly wind, the situation will remain the same for the next two days

    There is severe cold in the districts of North Bihar including Samastipur. After rising the minimum temperature has once again rolled down to 4.5. The maximum temperature has reached 13.2, 9.7 degrees below normal. Due to which the bone is shivering in the cold. Visibility was close to 8 -10 meters till 10 am on Thursday morning due to dense fog. Due to which both the people lost their lives in two road accidents in the district in the morning. There was some relief after the sun came out in the afternoon, but due to the westerly wind blowing at a speed of 5-6 km, people were not getting relief from the cold even in the sun. On the other hand, as soon as the sunlight ended around 4 o’clock, people got upset with Kankani. People hid inside the houses. Due to the bitter cold, bonfire is the only support left for the people coming to the district headquarters. People are taking measures to avoid the cold by lighting bonfires at various places in the city. The worst situation is happening to those coming to the station to catch the train. People on the platform are upset because of the cold wind.

    Due to Western Disturbance, it is getting cold

    On the other hand, Dr. Abdul Sattar, scientist of Dr. Rajendra Agricultural University Meteorological Department, said that there is little hope of getting relief from the cold for the next two-three days. Due to western disturbance, it is getting cold. Day and night temperatures are likely to drop further. Dense fog can remain in the morning and evening. For a few days, the westerly wind can move at a speed of 5-8 kmph. Due to which Kankani will increase further. He said that the relative humidity was 100 per cent in the morning while it was 88 per cent in the afternoon.

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